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Project 365 Vets

Janice Rubendall is a family member of a personal friend of ours, she helped our Country by serving in the Iraq war and now she is Missing and needs our help. Please share this far and wide so that we can find this young lady and bring her home so that she can get the help she needs.

The moment that Ashley Barton saw the car, she knew something was amiss.

The cream-colored Chrysler PT Cruiser with California plates and a U.S. Marine Corps sticker had appeared near the end of the first week of January, parked by itself in a seldom-used auxiliary lot at the Riverview Landing at Valley Forge community in West Norriton. It was nearly half a mile from any of the housing units.

“They only use that lot when the Schuylkill floods the regular parking lot,” said Barton, who lives in the complex. “Maybe once…

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  1. First … thank you for your service. Second, thank you for commenting upon my blog … I caME HERE and read, but have been too tired (ill) to comment. I apologize. I follow 365 Vets. Please put your own story there … it is just that important, as are you.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments–I would have replied sooner, but for some reason your comments got marked as Spam, and I just pulled them out of the Askmit folder! I meant to tell Tina that she is welcome to reblog any of my posts that she finds relevant. I’m not sure what what I would write specifically for 365, however, only because I wouldn’t know where to begin or end! I would love to write a memoir someday, so I’m hoping this blog will help me at least begin to develop that. But as I mentioned in my other post, I’m very lazy about marketing myself and secretly hoping someone will just fly out of the blue and offer me an advance to write about my experiences (one can dream, right?) I hope you are feeling better. Sorry it took so long for the response!

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